Bolt Tensioners

HYTORC Michigan's Advanced Line of Bolt Tensioners are Designed to Meet Any Application

From working on wind turbines to tensioning flanges in a plant, we have you covered!


Advanced HYTORC Bolt Tensioners | HYTORC Michigan - standardtool1

Topside Standard Bolt Tensioner

A cost-efficient solution for long-lasting quality, HYTORC’s topside standard bolt tensioners are compact, easy-to-handle and fit most standard flanges.



Advanced HYTORC Bolt Tensioners | HYTORC Michigan - springreturn1

Topside Spring Return Bolt Tensioner

The Topside Spring series offers the same quality as the standard series, but with the added advantage of a spring return function. The exceptionally robust design provides increased efficiency and load capabilities.



Advanced HYTORC Bolt Tensioners | HYTORC Michigan - singlestage1

Wind Single Stage Bolt Tensioner

The premier wind turbine tensioner, the HYTORC Wind Single Stage offers uncompromising performance for bolting applications that have limited overhead clearance.



Advanced HYTORC Bolt Tensioners | HYTORC Michigan - multistage1

Wind Multi-Stage Bolt Tensioner

The HYTORC Multi-Stage tensioners offer unmatched performance for bolting applications with limited clearance. These models are capable of handling high loads with minimal footprint.



Advanced HYTORC Bolt Tensioners | HYTORC Michigan - foudnation1

Wind Foundation Bolt Tensioner

HYTORC offers tooling for a large range of foundation studs, from 1” – 3” rock anchor studs, as well as offers numerous designs to fit any foundation tensioning needs, and virtually every type of wind turbine.



Advanced HYTORC Bolt Tensioners | HYTORC Michigan - subseatensioner1

Subsea Bolt Tensioner

For demanding environments, HYTORC’s subsea tensioners offer divers 30mm of piston stroke and a highly-visible maximum stroke indicator, eliminating the potential for over-stroking the tool and leaking oil.

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